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Releif from the Automatic Stay

Motions for Relief from the Automatic Stay can be filed by creditors, and are often brought by mortgage companies when a homeowner files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief. (Car lenders also often bring such motions when a debtor has filed bankruptcy and he is late on a car loan.) In Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, secured lenders bring such motions when the debtor fails to stay current with post-petition obligations.

If the Court grants a Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay, the Court is essentially permitting the creditor to initiate steps to take back its collateral. In the case of a home, this would mean the lender is permitted to initiate the foreclosure process. In the case of a car, the lender would be able to exercise a replevin action and/or self-help remedy, such as repossession of the car.

In Virginia, subject to limited exceptions, creditors are not permitted to go against a Chapter 7 debtor for personal liability for any deficiency judgment or legal fees arising from the collection of the collateral. The important thing to remember: If you file for bankruptcy protection, your creditors must generally be granted permission from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to engage in any collection activity against you. This serves to give a debtor some breathing room from which he can work to put his financial house in order. If creditors do not abide by this rule, they can be penalized through sanctions.

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